The Red Tulip

The Red Tulip

The Red Tulip is an idea of former Ellas president Femke Utrecht. Her idea was to encourage members helping other members.

The first Red Tulip was awarded in 2015 to Barbara Ingenbleek during the Ellas Tulip Show, by corporate comedian Joep Stassen.

In 2016, the Red Tulip was awarded to Pepita Bos.

In 2017, the Red Tulip was awarded to Marielle de Bruin.

In 2018, the Red Tulip was awarded to Femke Eliza Utrecht

The Red Tulip is about "Ask not what you can do for me but ask what I can do for you!". The principle of participating in a networking club is to help each other, sticking out one´s neck for each other, and being each other's ambassador to the outside world. That is the essence of a membership at Ellas. Member can nominate other members for the Red Tulip. The final winner will be elected by the board.

In addition to the eternal fame and a spot in the limelight for her performance, the winner also receives the challenge trophy as well as 100 euros made available by Barbara Ingenbleek´s Euro Economics.
genbleek and Franciska Smidt´s Professional Law International.