Application for Ellas membership

Women who want to join Ellas should in principle meet the following criteria (HHR, Art 3 Lid 3 - The HHR is in Dutch only):

  • One must have attained the age of majority.
  • One needs to be a woman.
  • One should be Dutch speaking.
  • One should be working on the Costa del Sol for some time as either  an entrepreneur or employed in a senior management position.
  • The company or entrepreneur must be registered at a Chamber of Commerce (Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands or Belgium or Registro Mercantil in Spain, etc.), registered as "autónomo" in Spain, or "self employed" in Gibraltar or another country.
  • A senior management position is characterized by, for example membership of the management team of the employer, a managerial position, responsibility for results.
  • Ellas is also open to women who meet the above criteria but are no longer (or limited) employed. You have been successful in business and you enjoy sharing your knowledge with younger entrepreneurs.

To guarantee as broad and varied a group of women possible, Ellas aims to allow no more than two members from the same industry.

Membership fee

The membership fee is € 225 per year.


You can apply by downloading the application form and fill it out. Next please send the form to the Secretary of Ellas. Her email address is listed in the application form.


The Board Member in charge of new members assesses the application and decides in consultation with the other board members if prospective member will be invited for an interview.

After an introductory meeting the Board Member will discuss her findings with the rest of the board and the prospective member´s application to join Ellas will be accepted or declined.