Agenda Ellas 2020

Planned activities in 2020

Tuesday, January 14:  Running Dinner - New Years event in Marbella with partner

Tuesday, February 11: General Meeting

Tuesday, March 10:      Reading by Marion Hoogwegt about her book "Isabel" and General Franco's influence on current Spanish society 

Tuesday, April 14: "Ella talking", 3 members talk about their company and the challenges they face

Tuesday, May 12: "Tulip Party", international women network meeting, celebrating 15th anniversary of Ellas 

Tuesday, June 9: Summer event, visit to Eco Reserva in Ojén

Tuesday, September 15: Workshop Moroccan cooking in FoodRoom

Tuesday, October 13: Workshop by Bella van Erkelens, theme to announced later

Tuesday, November 10: Masterclass Marketing, theme to be announced later

Tuesday, December 8: St Nicholas celebration


The meetings are taking place on the second Tuesday evening of every month with the exception of the months of July and August. The meetings are in Dutch and only accesible to members or prospective members of Ellas.

For an impression of our activities you can view the photos.